Sullair portable rotary screw air compressors provide the outstanding performance for your outdoor operations, even under the most extreme conditions.

Sullair compressors are built to spend days on end doing the dirty work — from the smallest projects to the biggest jobs and everything in between. We offer a range of portable diesel air compressors from 185 to 1600 cfm at 100 to 500 psi.

Our range of compressors is designed to cover nearly every application, from construction and infrastructure, to landscaping and oil and gas, to plant backup air, among others. Customers worldwide depend on Sullair to bring compressed air to their job site – and for good reason. All of our compressors are manufactured with Reliability, Durability and Performance in mind – our brand promise. Meaning our compressors have your back, work as hard as you and are in it for the long haul.

Sullair also offers a full line of complementary air tools including pavement breakers, chipping hammers, rivet busters and tampers. The tools are designed to last longer by minimizing high-wear parts – in some cases 30% fewer parts – to ensure less maintenance and downtime.

  • Diesel engine-driven air compressor
    • 260-320 Series

      Single-Stage Oil-Injected Screw Compressor
      DCEC Cummins diesel engines
      Pressure: 100PSI(6.9bar)— 150PSI(10.3bar)
      Flow Capacity: 260CFM(7.4m3/min)— 320CFM(9.0m3/min)

    • 185 Series

      Pressure: 6.9bar (100psi)
      Flow Capacity: 5.2m3/min (185cfm)

    • 375-425 Series

      Single-stage oil-injected screw compressor
      Pressure: 100PSI (6.9bar)-200PSI(13.8bar)
      Flow Capacity: 375CFM(10.6m3/min)-425CFM(12.0m3/min)

    • 780VH-850RH Series

      Pressure: 140PSI (9.7bar)-350PSI (24.1bar)
      Flow Capacity: 780CFM (22.1m3/min)-850CFM (24.1m3/min)

    • 750XH-1050 Series

      Pressure: 8.6bar (125psi)—13.8bar(200psi)
      Flow Capacity: 21.2m3/min (750cfm)-29.7 m3/min (1050cfm)

    • 550RH-750H Series

      Pressure: 8.6bar (125psi)—13.8bar(200psi)
      Flow Capacity: 21.2m3/min (750cfm)-29.7 m3/min (1050cfm)

    • 600/655 Series

      Pressure: 100PSI(7bar)-125PSI(8.6bar)
      Flow Capacity: 600CFM (17.0m3/min)-655CFM (18.5m3/min)

    • 900XH-980RH Series

      Pressure: 20.7bar (300psi) - 24.1bar (350psi)
      Flow Capacity: 25.5m3/min (900cfm) - 27.8m3/min (980cfm)

    • 1100XH/1300XH Series

      Pressure: 20.7bar (300psi) - 34.5bar(500psi)
      Flow Capacity: 31.1m3/min (1,100cfm) - 36.8m3/min (1,300cfm)

    • 660 Series

      Pressure: 20Bar (290psi)
      Flow Capacity: 18.5m3/min (6,600cfm)

    • 3120XH-3540XH Series                   

      Pressure: 20.7bar (300psi)—34.5bar (500psi)
      Flow Capacity: 31.2m3/min (1100cfm)-35.4m3/min (1250cfm)

    • 1250XHH/1525 Series                      

      Pressure: 350PSI (24.1bar)-500PSI(34.5bar)
      Flow Capacity: 1250CFM(35.4m3/min)-1525CFM(43.2m3/min)

    • 1070XHH-1250XH Series

      Pressure: 350PSI (24.1bar)-500PSI(34.5bar)
      Flow Capacity: 1070CFM(30.3m3/min)-1250CFM(35.4m3/min)

    • 980XH-1070XH Series                     

      Pressure: 20.7bar (300psi)—24.1bar (350psi)
      Flow Capacity: 27.8m3/min (980cfm)-30.3m3/min (1070cfm)

    • 900XHH-1150XH Series

      Pressure: 350PSI (24bar)-500PSI(34.5bar)
      Flow Capacity: 900CFM(25.5m3/min)-1150CFM(32.6m3/min)

    • 980XH-1070RH Series

      Pressure: 350PSI (24.1bar)-300PSI(20.7bar)
      Flow Capacity: 980CFM(27.8m3/min)-1070CFM(30.3m3/min)

  • Motor-driven air compressor
    • E550RH/600RH Series

      Pressure: 17.2bar (250psi)
      Flow Capacity: 15.6m3/min (550cfm) - 17.0m3/min (600cfm)

    • E600XH/750 Series

      Pressure: 8bar (115psi) - 13.8bar (200psi)
      Flow Capacity: 16.4m3/min (580cfm) - 21.2m3/min (750cfm)

    • E750-600XH Series

      Pressure: 115PSI (8bar)- 200PSI (13.8bar)
      Flow Capacity: 580CFM(16.4m3/min)-750CFM(21.2m3/min)

    • E750HH-1000 Series

      Pressure: 115PSI (8bar)- 200PSI (13.8bar)
      Flow Capacity: 750CFM(21.2m3/min) -960CFM(27.2m3/min)

    • E850RH-1000RH Series

      Pressure: 300PSI (20.7bar)
      Flow Capacity: 850CFM(24m3/min) -1000CFM(28.3m3/min)

    • E1250RH-E1525XH Series

      Pressure: 300PSI(20.7bar)— 350PSI(24.1bar)

  • Non-powered air compressor
    • PTO10XH-12XH Series

      Pressure: 350PSI(24.1bar)
      Flow Capacity: 1070CFM(30.3 m3/min) -1250CFM(35.4m3/min)